Web Design


The purpose of this project was to create a new more user friendly version of the Verb Hair website while still maintaining Verb’s cool and clean aesthetic.

By using pastel colours I kept the “cute” aesthetic Verb was aiming for. I changed the layout to better suit the young adult audience that Verb is targeting, by making the navigation bar more subtle and out of the way. With the cleaner layout I was able to focus on high visuals to draw the viewers attention.


  • Independent Project


  • Web Design
  • Re Design
  • Research

I also created a personalized hair quiz to help first time customers get a better understanding of what Verb products might best suit them. Overall I made the site more user friendly while still keeping the Verb aesthetic making sure the brand identity is still in tact. I also think that adding the interactive quiz would make first time consumers more likely to want to try products out.

Along with creating the re design, I created a tablet and mobile friendly version of the new site.