The Brand identity created for Live Fast Die Pretty is a strong one, it started with the name and a “vibe” of nightlife and ended in just that and more. The identity created embodies everything the client would want and will show consumers what the client is about. Strong and vibrant images draw attention and represent the nightlife aspect to a T. The point of this work was to create a brand that could leave its mark on the cosmetic scene, that would reach out to a youthful audience and still have great impact and recognition with everyone. We needed a identity that could stand on its own and hasn’t been done before so it could stand out, I think by sticking to the imagery and minimal layout and type we did just that. The Brand started with nothing but a name but now has all the pieces it needs to get it out there and started (packaging, advertising, website and a product/Brand booklet for consumers).


  • Independent Project


  • Brand Creation
  • Advertising
  • Editorial
  • Web Design
  • Packaging

Along with creating the brand, a website was created for online purchases.

A product book / magazine was created to help promote the brand. The idea behind this was to keep the visuals of the brand strong to the point where consumers would rather keep the booklet for visuals rather than think of it as a disposable catalog.