Ashley Badran, a graphic designer

about me


Recently graduated from Humber College’s three year Graphic Design Program. Learned the most recent in design trends and tools.

Program Efficient

Efficient in all adobe programs and constantly learning new ones. Specifically proficient in InDesign,Illustrator,AfterEffects and Photoshop! I also enjoy website design and work with wordpress or custom html/css.

Other Skills

Extreme time management – I was scarred as a child being late once, I’ve never been late since.

Quick Learner – Lover of learning new things and learning as many things as efficient as possible. Show me something once and I know it like the back of my hand.

Cats love me – I think they can sense this…I can also cat watch if you need that?


Quality over quantity is something I relate to a lot. I’m a perfectionist with awesome time management skills which is two things I believe a good designer needs.

Constantly Learning

It’s impossible to know it all, but I believe learning shouldn’t stop after formal education. There’s always room for improvement and you can never know too much.

Great with Feedback

This seems like something silly to be proud of, but after more real world experience I think its a trait not a lot of people can boost.

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